Gran Canaria

The island is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe.

Situated in the bay of Patalavaca with its fine sandy beaches You find luxurious hotels and apartment buildings like the La Canaria, Aquamarina and Anfi del Mar.

Arguineguin and Patalavaca

Situated in the bay of Aquamarina with its fine sandy beaches you find luxurious hotels and apartment buildings like the La Canaria, Aquamarina and Anfi del Mar. All of these directly on the seafront. The area is facing southwest, and in early evening You can enjoy the beautiful sunsets out in the ocean.

Here You find all kinds of possibilities for sea sports, golf, tennis, mountain walking and other sorts of facilities for leisure and fun, also for children.

The many bars and restaurants in the area offers a wide range of tapas, fresh fish from the area, tender beef steaks, salads / vegetables and fruit direct from the local producers.

The infrastructure is very good. It’s a huge variety of shops, supermarkets, banks, medical – and transport services etc. within short distances.

The Arguineguin / Patalavaca area is known to have one of the healthiest microclimates in the world with apx. 350 sun days a year, relieving respiratory diseases such as asthma or allergies, rheumatism, psoriasis etc.

The average daily air temperature during the year various between 20 – 25, and the clean and salt Atlantic water between 19 and 24 ( in Malaga the same figures are 11 – 25 and 14 – 25 ).

Las Palmas

Las Palmas with it’s apx. 400.000 inhabitants is the capital of Gran Canaria. The city is well known internationally for it’s exciting shopping opportunities, the rich cultural life ( museums, concert halls, theatres, exhibition centers, film- and musical festivals ), the fabulous Las Canteras beach - just in the middle of the city, the yearly carnival ( among the biggest in the world ) and not at least – Vegueta, the old part of the city with the old cathedral and the Columbus museum - among others. Here You also find the TRIANA street that consists of many old and interesting architectural buildings, and all kind of international shops, bars and restaurants. The travelling distance from the south to Las Palmas is less than 1 hour.

Other attractions

Gran Canaria is not only beaches and Las Palmas. In the north - the Island is green and agricultural. In the centre you find charming small villages, lakes, forests, ravines, canyons and volcanic craters. The highest point of the Island is Pico de las Nieves apx. 1950 meters ( 6.000 feet ) above sea level. Rural Gran Canaria is a complete contrast to he major resorts in the south. There are a great number of footpaths and tracks with spectacular views and varied scenery. All of this in a short distance from the south. For golfers the island is a dream – most of the days with sun shine and comfortable temperatures - and a wide range of well reputable courses.

Because of all this, combined with Grand Canarias warm and welcoming people, the areas charm and the authentic and relaxed Canarian atmosphere, many of the tourists are taking a step forward and establishing their second home in the southern part of the Island.